If you can do it well,
do it even better

We build modern web applications and it gives us a lot of fun.
Thanks to us you will get a fantastic application.

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Creative Slavs is everything you need to get your new webapp up and running in short time! Our products are responsive, easy to use and created in the friendly technology.

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Core Values

We are no-shit and we always tell the truth.
A real Slav would say: for me, the word is more expensive than money.


CreativeSlavs is a team of experienced developers with 15 years of experience building web applications. With big experience and agile approach to building web applications, we're the perfect partner for starting your next venture.

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Web app development

development = (fast) -> fast * fast

Sturdy Products

Our products don't break and are updated regularly.

Ready for Change

We are open to making changes.

Up to Date

We update tools to keep things fresh.

Made with Fun

We will make your webapp with fun these days!


  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript, EmberJS, Angular, BackboneJS
  • Bootstrap, Haml, Sass
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL

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